1RU 144-Port Cassette Patch Panel

Model: 1RU 144-Port Cassette Patch Panel

1RU 144-Port Cassette Patch Panel



12-fiber cassettes can be mounted in 1U scaling up to 144xLC connectors

3-layer design accepts 12 cassettes, provides max. scalability

Cassette can be easily removed by pulling it out from either at front or back

Hinged front / rear door support easy cable maintenance

Mounting bracket design allows solely installation

Removable sliding tray makes cable management easily

Low loss fiber solution meets high performance data center requirement

Light stacked and ultra-high density fiber system

        Pre-terminated, Pre-tested, Play and Play

   .MPO IEC 61754-7 standards compliant multi-fiber connector

  OS2 / OM3 / OM4 bend-insensitive fiber grades are available

  12 fiber cassette 2x 6-port LC to 1x12C MTP

  Factory pre-terminated and 100% pre-tested

  High performance LC adaptor with zirconia sleeve

  Options with polarity A/C and B

  MTP adaptor for polarity B is aligned key, polarity A/C is opposed key